NABET Annual Conference

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NABET 2017 Conference

Days Inn Penn State
Days Inn
240 South Pugh St.
PA 16801
State College, PA, US

October 26, 2017 to October 27, 2017

The 40th Annual Meeting is October 26th and 27th, 2017 at the Days Inn Penn State in State College, PA.

The Northeastern Association of Business, Economics and Technology invites papers for presentation at its Annual Meeting. The meeting provides an opportunity to present new research and discuss a variety of current issues in business, economics and IT. This is your chance to get involved with a dynamic, regional academic organization. Faculty Submissions can be based on either complete or incomplete scholarly work, workshops or discussion panels.

NABET is politically non-partisan. Please do not submit papers that focus on political, religious, gender, or other societal and cultural issues. Such papers will be deemed inappropriate for the NABET Conference.

NABET Conference Rules:

  1. The author of an “Accepted” submission (Acceptance by the reviewers is based on subject and content of the Abstract) agrees to present his/her paper at the NABET Conference.
  2. Each author may submit up to two Abstracts representing two separate papers (presentations).  Authors will not be permitted to present more than two papers.
  3. Each paper must be presented by the lead author or coauthor(s) who are acknowledged on the paper.  Surrogates will not be permitted to present papers; only the author(s) will be allowed to present their paper.
  4. If none of the authors attends the conference, the paper and acknowledgement of the authors will be removed from the Official Conference Program.
  5. Any and all papers that are presented at the Conference will have the right to be published in the peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings.  An author shall have the right to decline publication in the Proceedings.
  6. Any and all accepted Abstracts will be published in the Conference Proceedings, unless the author(s) fail to present the paper at the Conference or if the author(s) expressly decline publication of the Abstract in the Proceedings.
  7. Undergraduate students may not attend the NABET Conference.  Undergraduate students may not be lead authors of any paper which is submitted to the NABET Conference.
  8. Even if an undergraduate student is acknowledged as a coauthor of a paper (where a faculty is the lead author), he/she may not attend the NABET Conference.  In this case, the paper must be presented by the faculty who is the lead author.
  9. A graduate student may attend the NABET Conference and present his/her paper, as long as the Abstract has had a successful peer-review and has been accepted by the NABET Conference Team.
  10. All authors of accepted Abstracts must complete the registration process and pay the conference fee in order to attend the conference and present his/her work.

At the NABET Conference:

  1. Each presentation will have a time allotment of 20 minutes.
  2. Workshops will have a time allotment of 30 minutes.
  3. The Best Paper Award winner will have an allotment of 45 minutes.

** All of the time allotments noted include time for Q&A. Session Chairs will have the task of keeping each presenter on schedule.

In each presentation room the following equipment will be provided for the presenters: Laptop, LCD Projector, Screen and Overhead Projector.

  • The presentation rooms are not equipped for audio.
  • Presentations from a remote location via the internet or any other means are not permitted at NABET.  All presentations must be live and in-person by the author(s).
  • Presenters are not permitted to bring their own equipment.

Presenters are encouraged to have their graphics, power points, etc. on a flash drive.

Handout materials that are related to a presentation are permitted.

If you have questions, contact the Conference Team:

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