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The Impact of Funding Cuts on the Great Valley Technology Alliance: Determining What has Worked and Developing a Model for the Future. A Case Study
Christopher J. Speicher, Murray Pyle

Last modified: 2011-10-10


      Created in March 2000, the Great Valley Technology Alliance (GVTA) is a regional public-private partnership designed to facilitate the development of a knowledge-based, technology-focused economy for Northeastern Pennsylvania. GVTA is an outgrowth of a 1998 study, commissioned by various economic development organizations of Wilkes-Barre, Hazleton, and Scranton, and funded by the Economic Development Administration, as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development. Its purpose was to better understand and address the structural obstacles which must be overcome in order for the region to make the transition to a knowledge-based economy.  This report that led to the creation of the GVTA identified several critical weaknesses that if left unaddressed would continue to hamper the region's ability to attract and retain talented people and technology-focused investment. These weaknesses include a non-entrepreneurial business climate; lack of local financial support for entrepreneurs; the lack of a major research-driven educational institution in the region; the lack of networking between the region's existing technology-based businesses and its colleges and universities; and, the failure to address quality of life issues for attracting the entrepreneurial sector.

Severe funding cuts on the Federal level and by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have greatly impacted the budget of the GVTA. The question facing it academic patrons along with potential private funding sources, is what goals has the GVTA been successful in addressing and how should they dictate the future path of the mission and its programs? In this case study we look at what programs have worked, which have not and should be cut, and what the new model of the GVTA should be.




Entrepreneurship, Business Plan, Technology Alliance