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Kathleen Houlihan

Last modified: 2011-09-19


The optimal method of implementation of a CRM in higher education can be difficult to ascertain because the situation depends heavily on the structure of the organization.  Therefore it is important to align the IT implementation model with the current culture and institutional structure of the organization.  When there is alignment between the business strategy and the IT strategy, implementation of programs is likely to successfully come to fruition. Therefore, it is best to start with the organizational objectives and then work to align the IT implementation model with the business practice.  Once the overarching model is explained, based on the benefits and constraints as they relate to the organization in higher education, the model can be applied to the development and deployment of IT implementation.  The IT model needs to be developed based on environment and then defined by the strategic plan. The following pages will discuss an electronic communication plan using a customer relationship application in higher education.  Three models of IT implementation will be explained including the hard model, the soft model and the PrOH model.  Finally, a system development life cycle will be constructed to assess the effectiveness and long term sustainability from end-to-end of the IT process.


Higher Education