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An Overview of Issues in Ethics and Technology
minoo ghoreishi, Dariush Rezaei

Last modified: 2011-09-19



"Technology" is simply tool making and 'Ethics in technology' is the ethical commitments that pertain to those who made it, and decision about it, and use it. "Ethics of technology" refers to two basic areas: 1) Ethics in technology is a branch of ethics addresses the ethical issues related to the Technology Age  such as computer security,  computer viruses or generally speaking  the  innovation is ethically right or wrong. Likewise, is it ethical for a scientist to make a product that may have a harmful use while it is needed such as nuclear weapon, sources of energy, robots that replace human job.   2) The ethical issues relevant to intensity of the power of individuals, whether in a positive way or negative way. Examples are bioethics that is causing new life preservation through cloning technologies, in law, the different forms of surveillance threaten the right of privacy, in an internet age, the tracing devices to identify the identification, and in medical area, the genetic screening may affect one's career opportunity. This paper reviews both areas of ethical commitment in technology. 






Ethics, Technology