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"Financial Illiteracy" in America -Can Business School Faculty Make a Difference ?
Frank Carl Lordi

Last modified: 2011-09-12


The United States is currently in the midst of its worst financial (economic) crisis since the "Great Depression".  Much of the crisis can be attributed to questionable practices on Wall Street however, the blame can also be attributed to the lack of "Financial Literacy" in America today.  The purpose of this Workshop is to share my experiences in the development and teaching of a course in" Financial Literacy". The Workshop discussion will include the following:

* Financial Literacy Defined*A Brief History of Financial LiteracyInitiatives*Course Development Timeline*Rationale for the Course*CourseOutline/Content*CourseEvaluations/Comments*FutureCourse Implementation Plans*Summary of Text Books*Summary of Articles*Q&A





Financial Literacy