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Workshop Proposal: The Challenges of Teaching Leadership Ethics
Mohammed Sidky

Last modified: 2011-09-07


Given the recent history of major failures in ethical leadership among some the richest and most powerful business organizations such as Enron, WorldCom, Johnson and Johnson among others, many schools of business are taking the teaching of ethics and ethical leadership much more seriously than ever. Some school, at the behest of students, have introduced voluntary “ethics codes” for MBA students:

“At Harvard, about 160 from a graduating class of about 800 have signed “The M.B.A. Oath,” which its student advocates contend is the first step in trying to develop a professional code not unlike the Hippocratic Oath for physicians or the pledge taken by lawyers to uphold the law and Constitution.” (NYT 5/30/09). Other school such as Columbia and the Wharton School have also followed suit in recognizing the importance of ethics in the business school.

This workshop offers an opportunity for NABET conference attendees to discuss important issues and strategies for teaching organizational/business ethics in the modern school of business/management. Organizers will present a summary of their experiences in putting together a new course in Ethical Leadership and Organizational Sustainability